PPC Room's Free Performance Audit

Wondering about the effectiveness of your campaigns?

Join our complimentary performance audit and evaluate the current state of your campaign optimization and feature usage.
Why Choose PPC Room's Performance Audit?
Insights That Drive Results

Detailed Analysis: Understand the specifics of your ad types and placements to determine what's influencing your outcomes.
Strategic Insights: Spot the gaps and potential areas of improvement in your existing strategy.
Monthly Reports: Receive an in-depth monthly email report to track your progress seamlessly and regularly.
Hourly Insights: Benefit from insights into hourly performance.


Dive Deep with PPC Room's Audit:

  • - Identify Wasted Spend
  • - Analyze Funnel Performance
  • - Evaluate Feature Usage by Ad Type
  • - Overview of Weekday Performance
  • - Assess Placement Performance
  • - Discover Optimization Chances
  • - Review Targeting Performance
  • - Understand Hourly Patterns
Frequently Asked Questions:
What's in the performance audit report?
Our report encompasses vital performance metrics, trends for each ad type over time, and a score on your advertising feature usage. Use this report to pinpoint areas that need attention to enhance performance and boost sales.
How do you gather data for the report?
We utilize advanced APIs to extract advertising data, ensuring the report is updated monthly before sending it to you.
Will my advertising manager or other users know I've signed up?
Unless you've given full admin rights or shared access with your main account, others won't see your sign-up. The API connection might appear in your primary account's settings but won't be visible to other users or in the advertising console.
Can I revoke access if I don't need the report anymore?
Absolutely! To revoke access, log in with your main user account, navigate to Account > Other Programs, and click Remove for the PPC Room app.
Do you share or sell my data?
No, your data's privacy is our top priority. We never share or sell it.
Can I ask you to delete my data?
Yes, reach out to our team, and we'll delete your data upon request.
Why is this report free? What's the catch?
We initially developed this report for internal use to assess potential client performance. Realizing its value, we decided to offer it to others. Some who sign up might become our clients after recognizing the opportunities, while others use the report as an additional resource for campaign review.