The Low ACoS Sponsored Products Campaign That is Missing on Your Strategy
Written by Miguel Carvalhal on Nov. 8th 2018
Yes, true. PPC is hard. For sure, you feel overwhelmed by so much data, so many tools, so many new tricks and sometimes people just forget the basics.
And the truth is that what you only want is create campaigns that drive sales to your products without having to mess with high ACoS campaigns that you can’t control anymore.
If that is true for your keep, I think that this blog post will help you create your next campaign at a low ACoS.
So here we go, what is that one campaign that you can create in literally 5 min of your time and can deliver to you low ACoS. In our agency, we have been running this type of campaign for all of our clients, and the ACoS range from 4%-12% consistently over the months.
Step 1: Finding Keywords
For sure, most of you already have a “Master Keyword” List with thousands of keywords that you have used to build your listings. If you do so, GREAT! Use that one.
Otherwise, use Helium 10 “Magnet” feature or Merchant Words to build that list. The goal here is not looking to the accuracy of search volume, the goal here is to come out with the more diversified list of keywords related to your listing. Then with this campaign type Amazon will (hopefully) dig new ones for you!
Step 2: Remove Duplicates
Put all these keywords on a deduplication tool. There are a bunch of them online, but we use Helium 10 “Frankenstein” feature
Select “One word/phrase per line”; “Remove duplicates”; “Convert to lowercase” and press “Process”!
Click “Save” and put them on an Excel sheet.
Step 3: Clean your list
Clean the list again, you don’t want to bid on keywords like “you”, “to” or “by” for example.
Step 4: Creating the Sponsored Products Campaign
Now it’s time to create the campaigns. For organization purposes, I recommend using this naming system for the campaign title:
Product Name – Unique Kws
I set the daily bid from $10 to $30 and use manual targeting.
I then label my ad group ‘Broad’ and put a default bid of $0.15 to $0.25.
And voilá! Done!
This type of campaign will not make you rich, but will give 2 very important things:
Low ACoS
Discover gold long tail keywords that you can leverage in the future, once you grab more data
Watch this campaign over the next couple of days to see if you receive impressions. If you’re seeing low impressions and clicks then increase the bid by $0.10
Let this campaign run for at least 10 days after setup before making any changes. You’ll have to wait 1-2 weeks to get a more accurate reflection of campaign performance.
Overall, this campaign has worked really well for all of my clients with low ACoS. Again, this type of campaigns should be used under a global PPC strategy, since the purpose of this campaign is not to increase your sales overnight, but has tremendous benefits as I mentioned before.
I really hope this campaign helps you generate new sales that you might not have captured otherwise.


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