The #1 reason why most entrepreneurs fail to generate results from Amazon PPC
Written by Miguel Carvalhal on Dec. 29th 2018
All right, so for me to be here writing this post for you, I had to fail miserably doing Amazon PPC in any time of my life. It is no shame at all, the truth is that every single entrepreneur fails to do Amazon PPC and you are not the only in that game for sure!
Shame is not to consistently test and learn all the time.
So simply put the number one reason why most fail is that they overcomplicate things.
You are constantly searching for the next strategy that will boost your sales, you hear all the new tactics on the Facebook groups, but at the end of the day, you see that none of them worked for your business. Right?
I was doing the same myself, things were not working, until the day I actually decided to simplify my approach and first build myself a very solid foundation.
And in the next 6 months, I started to deliver great results to all my clients
So what changed?
First, instead of looking to copy/paste all the complex strategies that we hear all the time in the space, I started to look to the account data and started from there. Simple.
Soon, I figured it out an analysis and forecasting system that now we do on a bi-weekly basis. Spending time to figure out how much you should bid for a keyword to achieve a certain goal. Because guess what? Amazon PPC is an auction, right? Most of us, forget that all the time. It doesn’t matter to bid in all of the types of keywords if you are not bidding the amount you should get to your goal! Simple, isn’t?
Also, I stopped using keyword research tools to go all in all-in on keywords, I only use them to find ideas on the discovery stage of the campaigns. Just this shift saved me hundreds of hours. I focused my time looking to the data of my campaigns, not for aggregated chunks of data that our products may not be relevant for.
My lesson was, instead of trying to test rapidly lots of extremely simple systems that take very little time to test, I started to build one amazing system that it is evolving over time, always optimizing few metric that will have an impact on the whole system. Simple, isn’t it?
Michelangelo took more than 4 years to finish the painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling, that was the system that he built, not multiple of them.
My advice is to think of your Amazon PPC strategy the same way!
So next time, that you think about creating 10 new different strategies hoping to boost your sales without any foundation behind, think twice. First, build a simple system that you understand before going to straight to the complicated tactics.
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