How We Increased a Client’s Amazon PPC Sales from $16,726 with a 32.3% ACoS to $66,453 with a 29.6% ACoS
Written by Miguel Carvalhal on Feb. 15th 2019
We started to work on this account in the middle of April 2018.
This was a pretty optimized account. They were doing PPC on all their active listings at the time we started to work with them.
Their goal was to increase their PPC sales while controlling their ACoS. They had reached to that level, with not much optimization and so our work was to scale their account.
First off, the audit that we did on the account showed us that there were a lot of keywords bleeding money consistently which allowed us to decrease Cost per click consistently over time. Overall their bid strategy was not good, and we fixed it as well.
Everything normal, until we saw the amount of valuable data that they had in their Search Term Report that was not being used at all!!
This shows how important it is to continuously improve your campaigns and to have an ongoing management system on your Amazon PPC account. There are always new keywords appearing on the reports, bids to adjust, and so on. By missing that, this client was leaving a lot of money on the table!
Then we used the 80/20 rule to launch new campaigns for growth. We focused our attention on the top 10 performing products. And we left the remaining products for later optimization, we did this to have results as soon as possible.
Speed is important and so it would be impossible for us to launch so many campaigns without using Bulk Operations, of course!
And boom! We launched more than 100 campaigns at once with data was not being used from the Search Term Report. All this data is traffic that the client was completely missing. Now that void was filled! We set up our bid structure for the different types of keyword match, and we launched!
After this, we kept optimizing the performance of all the campaigns, and there was when we saw the growth from sales. After we figured which match types and campaigns were performing the better, we just leverage all of that.
Lesson learned: always optimize campaigns don’t expect that they start to perform well after you launch them!
We continued to optimize bids over time to get to the set ACoS targets. We also continued keyword research using the Search Terms report and niche specific keyword research.
This may seem simple but it’s not! It took us a lot of time, doing the research, testing, and analysis to get to this point.
And of course, we feel always happy to see the increase in sales for the client!
And that was it. That was how we did, we were lucky to have all this data set in front of us, and we did our best to leverage that.
If you want to learn more about my Amazon PPC system that will 2-3x PPC Sales While Maintaining ACoS check out the case study on my home page!

Written by: Miguel Carvalhal

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